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long time no seen :)
I am planing a new adventure (thinking about going to Thailand).

I made some sketch of the rout...

View Thailand Trip (keeping updating) in a larger map
I will keep updating this map...

If anybody have any suggestions I will more than happy :D

more updates....

So, me and my girlfriend are planing a "backpackers"  trip to Thailand as i mentioned before.

A bit about us:
My name is Dimitry her name is Elizabeth and we live in Israel Tel-aviv.
We both working in CG, you can find my stuff here(its a bit  out of date, sorry).
My hobby's are photography(old school, film 35mm), collecting vintage dusty stuff, throwing boomerangs, cycling singal speed and of course pc games.
Liz also in to computer games and she also like cooking and baking stuff (so cooking classes for sure) :)
that's sums "about us" so lets get to the interesting stuff...

you'll have to excuse me for all the mestakse in my post cause I have deselection and can not write treat ))))



Hi, all 

I been planing our trip rout for a few month now, and i have many updates on the map (all the marks are lined to the info that i found).

So fur I planned the main rout for two and a half weeks and two alternative routs for the rest of the time (Laos or Thai islands).
which way we choose will totally depend on how tiered we will feel....

so, the routs:

The main rout

Flight to BKK thru Austria
In BKK  three days
One day in Ayutthaya
One day in Phitsanulok 
Three days in  Chang Mai
Six days in Pai
4 days in Cave Lodge
And Chang Rai 

Rout A Laos

Luang Nam Tha 4 days
Luang Prabang 3 days
4 days in Vang Vieng
Three days in Vientiane

Rout B The Islands 

Koh Kud (Kood) 
Koh Mak
Koh chang



So, now more detailed research.
I will include here most of the bits and peaces that I could scrap from the net.

OK, lets start from the most useful sits I found. 
the first was  there you can find most of the basic info about traveling in Thailand,
stuff like how to plan your trip, where to go, how to get to the locations, what to do, where to eat or sleep.
overall great site to begin with, but for me it was a bit mainstream. 
So I dig more and found this site Now,  this site consist of many personal blogs.
so I liked it more because I could  catch  more atmosphere of the place,
as  people  telling stores from  their one experiences and perspective.  of course  I should of mention this site first as it is the Wikipedia for travellers.
the rest of the sites were secondary such as the Thai  railways  or booking a accommodation
all the rest are sites that very specific to the locations.
from here I will go through the routs and look at all pleases in depth.

Bangkok (BKK) 
So first of all upon arrival we going to Khao San Rd (how to get here.) to find a nice guesthouse. 
next shopping (Pantip plaza MBK Center and J.J the weekend market).
see and do: i think we wont have much time so only tow places first Wat Arun and 
urban exploration around Wat Welu Ra Chin(if you click the link, its wary nice blog about BKK).
night out: going to visit the saxophonepub also this place Jam Cafe.
also you can check the map for more places...

next stop is Ayutthaya
we planing to get here buy train in the morning to have a nice walk around and stay for a night.

The next day we will continue to Phitsanulok
we will stay here for the night than go to Sukhothai spend most of the day there come back to Phitsanulok  and take the night train to Chiang Mai. 

so Chiang Mai, known for its great markets (MORE SHOPING!!!).
some attractions: Wat UMongzoo park and more.( check the map).


To be continued...

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  1. so hard to make a decision... for now Rout B sounds more attractive :)


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